Friday, March 30, 2012

Enjoying The Weather

The weather here has be wonderful!! So, of course, we've been out enjoying it as much as possible! On Sunday we headed out with my sister's family for an afternoon hike.

Asher is such a good little rider!

When we were done with the hike we stopped by a creek to cool off and hang out. I started with just letting Asher put his feet in, but he was determined to go for a swim!

I think we have a fish on our hands!! The water was pretty chilly, but he didn't even notice!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A little late, but We made it!

Well, I'm about a week behind, but in case you wondered, we did make home to Missouri!! Allison and Elijah came out to WV and helped us pack up and drive back. We took 3 days and drove about 6 hours each day. I really can't believe how great Asher did!!  Here's a few pics of all the fun!

Elijah worked just as hard as the big guys packing up the moving van!

Elijah, Asher, and Emma ready and waiting to get on the road!

 We stayed at a Drury Inn in St. Louis and actually got to enjoy it some. We even took Asher swimming for the first time and he loved it!!

All in all, it was a pretty easy move! Now we're just waiting and planning out the next move on to Denver! In the mean time, we're getting in as much family time as possible!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


We started solids yesterday for Asher's 9 month birthday. I went back and forth on what to give him first, but I had an over-ripe banana so that's what he got! Ha! He wasn't the biggest fan, and really only ate 3 bites! It was still fun to start this new adventure! Here's a few pictures and a video of his first bite!
 He was much more interested in the spoon than the bananas.

Check out that banana belly!! I love it!

And on a total side note....I've been meaning to post about that awesome wall you see behind Asher. We did an accent wall in our dining room and I'm so in love with it!! (Yes, all that work and we're moving!) I found the idea for painted wallpaper on pinterest (where else?!) here. I did a little research and put Chris to work! We did the same color, but the pattern is glossy. It's hard to capture in a picture just how great it looks!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Asher at 9 months

Really? 9 months?? That is entirely too close to a year! He has quite the personality, and is so much fun now! He's been crawling everywhere for some time now, but he has hit warp speed the last few days. We went to his well baby check and the dr couldn't be more pleased and impressed with him. He weighed 19lbs and is 27 in long. We officially made it to 9 months with exclusively breastfeeding, and I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of that! We started some food this coming soon! Our little guy has 2 teeth just barely poking out. He seems to be handling teething fine....we haven't had to use any tylenol or teething tablets at all. He is drooling more, but I'll take that over him being miserable any day!!

Anyway, now on the the most important part--pictures!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Running Partner

I usually run during Asher's nap. But I've been looking forward to including him in a few of my runs this Spring. We had several warm days last week, so we set out to finally put the BOB to use! I really wasn't sure how he would do, so I took him on my short, easy run. He did great!! We made 2 miles without a peep from him! Once the weather is more permantenly warm, I plan on him joining me in the morning a few days a week!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012


Boxes are packed. Moving van is here. Suitcases are packed. Cars are ready to go. Moving day is tomorrow.

I can't deny that I'm happy to be heading closer to family. BUT the people here have become my family as well, and it's so hard to say goodbyes. I've said it over and over....I never expected to feel so at home this far from 'home.' Our church here is so amazing and they have taught us and changed us in so many ways. I'm not the person I was when I moved here and I have my friends and church family to thank.

Our friends here have loved us so much. They welcomed us with open arms. Words can not express how much I appreciate them. They have loved on Asher as if he were their own. We've seen marriages, babies, new houses, and a few struggles as well. Having been through so much with this group of friends, makes it that much harder to leave.

On the other hand, in 3 short days we will be back at home in Mo. Asher will be loved on by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents. I get to celebrate my birthday at home for the first time in 3 years. I will have some time to catch up with friends that I didn't see at Christmas.

So, while I rejoice for what is to come; I can't help but to mourn what we're leaving.

Change is in the Air

Well, we've got some huge changes coming....Chris' project here ended, which in itself isn't a big deal. He was on this project for 2 years, which is a record for us. However, it seems most of the work is now moving out of West Virginia altogether.....and so are we. Yep, after 3 years, we're moving back to the midwest. We're leaving next week for Missouri, where we will hang out for a few weeks. We're really looking forward to some family time that doesn't revolve around a holiday. We should have our next project within the next 2 weeks. We have a few ideas of where we will be located, but it's still up in the air right now.
So right now life has gotten abundantly busy with packing and tearful goodbyes.

And just because he is so darn cute: