Friday, September 13, 2013

Words can not express how much I love this girl! She makes having a baby seem easy.

She came into our family and fit perfectly. It's only been 7 weeks and it seems like she's always been here. This girl is so chill....I didn't know a baby could be so calm. She actually sleeps in her pack n play...not my chest. She also actually likes her swing. I expected her to be so time consuming. I expected to feel like I was cheating Asher. I expected to feel like I had no one-on-one time with Asher. I couldn't have been more wrong. Of course there's been changes. Asher plays on his grill and cooks me dinner while I feed Annalise. I still manage to read to Asher before bed some nights, but Chris takes over others.

 I enjoy my time alone with Annalise while Asher naps...sometimes stealing a nap with her for some sweet rest and cuddles. Life is busy....I'm taking a  little time to relax and I try not to look around too living room is strewn with toys, my kitchen is cluttered with dirty dishes and there's a pile of clean towels on my bed waiting to be folded. I've had to accept the fact that my house may not be clean at all times anymore, but my heart is full and I'm okay with it (some of the time). Our family feels complete and I love it. I love watching Asher with Annalise and I love watching Annalise's personality come to life.