Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Nerves are Shot....

but we made it here in one piece! Today was a much rougher day of driving. We went through several big cities, including Indianapolis and Cincinati. Right outside of Cincinati a truck ran me off the road. I managed to stay in control and pull back on. Then, 40 minutes later I watch a semi bully onto the road and nearly hit Chris, and then one does the same to me!! It was very nerve-racking today, but we made it here!!
Really? Again with the driving? Are we there yet?!

We made it through four states in two days!! (I missed the Indiana sign :( )

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Day Down!! Aaannnddd One day to go!

Well, we made our first day of travel with no problems!! Well, with the exception of my car not starting, but we got it jump started and had no more problems with that. Apparently, when we move, we have to have car problems....click here. Marathon and I ready to go!
She rode a lot with her head in between the seats, just watching everything.

Amazingly, she didn't get carsick---even riding like this for 30 minutes!!

This was my view for the day! I can't complain, though. Chris did a GREAT job driving the truck!
Well, we made it to Indianapolis and are staying at the Drury Inn. I actually got a discount as a MWSU alumni! We have a rocking room at a killer price. We got free snacks tonight and a free hot breakfast tomorrow! Which means, if we eat good, we can go without lunch!! We should be in Clarksburg by 6pm tommorrow!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Contract Land Staff- Corporate Office

This week I traveled down to Houston, Texas for a 2 day meeting at the corporate office. It was about a 14 hour drive.
It was so awesome to finally meet everyone in the office. I have spoken to everyone at some point and now I can place faces with their names. Here are a couple of pictures of the office building.

P.S. I could never live in Houston. Everyone drives crazy and fast. I have never been in a rush hour traffic jam like this before. It was so bad that I didn't pay 1 of the tolls because I couldn't get over to my designated lane and was stuck in the EZPass Lane that was only for residents who pay an annual fee.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clarksburg, WV, Here We Come!!

Well, it's official, we're moving to Clarksburg, West Virginia! We will leave Monday and make the two day move out there! We're excited for the new adventure. We'll be 2 hours from the Pittsburgh Zoo (one of the top in the country), and there's a lot of national parks with hiking and white water rafting!!
Just pray for our trip out there, for safety, and no car sick dogs this time! (We got Marathon medicine this time!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family and Friends!

Our cousing, Mike was in town this week, from Chicago. Since we've been having such great weather here, we had him over to grill out! It was great to be with friends and family!

Maddie and Dalton-the professional photographer

Mike, Chris, and I-oh and Emma too!

Chris, Dalton, and Mike- unlocking Mike's iphone

Birthday Celebration!

Sunday was my birthday, and Aunt Jan had a party for me and Hunan's on Saturday night. It was so sweet of her and it was great to be with family and friends!

Aunt Jan and I

Chris and I

Jason, Chris, and I

I had a great weekend thanks to family and friends! We went to lApplebee's for a 3+ hour lunch (worst service EVER) on Sunday with friends. Then we went to my mom's for dinner! It was a great weekend, and made me pretty confident that I have the best family and friends ever! Sorry, but I kind of slacked on the pics this weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Meal Anyone?!

Chris and I went grocery shopping tonight, and as so often happens, time got away from us and it was way past dinner time. I had some coupons for Hy-vee so we decided to eat there....They actually have some great chineese food and salad bar! Plus we had coupons....good idea! Right?!

So, I decide to be healthy (bikini season is right around the corner) and get the salad bar. I'm looking forward to a great salad, and tons of fresh fruit! I make me a rockin' salad with all the fixings. Imaging my surprise when I look down and see this crawling out of the salad:

Now, for those of you who don't know me well, let me tell you....I have a HUGE fear of bugs, any kind of bugs. Even if I'm out in the woods and see one, I'll usually freak! So imagine when it comes out of a salad that I'm in the process of eating!!!

Now for those of you who know me, you should be proud. After letting out a scream (quieter than the usual bug-scream) I took my tray to the cashier and explained the bug there had just crawled out of my salad. She freaked as much as I did and asked what I wanted....I think I could've gotten $1,000 worth of groceries free if I'd said it. I just stated I think I'd rather have chinese tonight. She was very nice and gave me and Chris' meals free. As I was leaving the cashier told me I could take as many candy bars as I wanted for free....and he was serious. I declined, seeing as how I was trying to have a healthy meal.

May not be the best way, but Chris and I did get a free meal out of it! Hey, we're in a recession!!

Have Some Time on Your Hands?

Test your geography knowledge! Click here http://jimspages.com/States.htm and play this game. My best score is 78% with an average error of 37 miles. Maybe I should have taken geography in High School.....What's your best score?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Opening Presents

Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!

Today was Elijah's 3rd birthday! It's been three years already?! Seriously?! His party was supposed to be at the park, but the weather called for rain, so we moved the party over to my house. He had a pretty rockin' Diego party, complete with a bounce house!
Alli and Elijah, ready to party!!
Time for cake and presents!Opening the bike helmet and knee/elbow pads to go with his new spiderman bike!Elijah and Melissa playing in the bounce house!Learning how to ride the new bike.....And he's off!!!