Thursday, March 27, 2008

Camera Found!

So back in November we were at my mom’s celebrating her birthday. Elijah really enjoys playing with cameras and, well mine disappeared. We finally gave in and bought a new one, which was really a good excuse because I’d been wanting one with a docking station as apposed to replacing batteries. Then early this month Tyler calls to let me know the camera was finally found!! More important than finding the camera was finding the 738 pictures inside the camera…..yes I said 738. I wasn’t so good at downloading my pics. Luckily I have gotten really good at it now partially because of all the pictures I thought I had lost. Anyway…Here’s a couple pics from the lost camera from this summer and fall, Enjoy!

We took Eli to the Leblonde carnival...He wasn't big enought to ride this ride but at least we got his picture next to it!He tore up the cotton candy!!This is from one night he stayed with us. He really loves Uncle Chris' gorilla slippers and we pretty excited that he could now also manage to walk in them!

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