Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This weekend we went to Chris' boss, Dan's house for a cookout.Dan grilled sausage, shrimp, and budan (I may have spelled that wrong!) It was great to get out and hang out with everybody. Chris ran and played with the kids all day. Our Friend Becky took some pics:


Jen said...

I wish you could have been here insted but I am glad you have been finding people to hangout and do stuff with. :) Fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on this..way-to-go, gert!
I'm so glad that you guys came out to play w/us & I love that pic..
You & Chris are very special peps !

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is me on the comment from the anonymous !!!! lol

Anonymous said...

This is so crazy....1 more time !!!
Becky ( Gert ).....lol