Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New You!!!

Have you committed to FINALLY lose those extra pounds?! Are you really serious about it?

Arbonne has just what you need to meet your weightloss goals, and I have a deal you can't refuse!!

I'm selling a getting started pack for which includes the following:

1 Chocolate protein shake

1 fizzy energy tab- This give you that metabolism boost you need!

1 berry burst chews-These are great when you get the afternoon munchies or that candy craving!!

1 going going gone supplement- This is an all natural supplement that helps boost energy, control appetite, and boost metabolism!

This set is worth $119.50, but you can purchase it from me right now for only $60!! That is a huge savings!!
Call or email ( me today for more details!!

1 comment:

the Hansels said...

I have a friend who bought this just before the holidays - saw her yesterday, and she LOVES it AND warded off those extra pounds over Christmas!!