Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington DC Day 1!!

We spent the holiday weekend in Washington DC. We road-tripped up there with our friends Ben, Sarah, Shane, and Mollie. Shane was the only one of us who had been there before, so it was great to experience it all for the first time!
Coming up the escalator after our first metro ride! This was followed by a 40 minute walk to our hotel with all our luggage.....and it should have only been a 10 minute walk!Our first full day in DC!!

We toured the Holocaust Museum. They didn't allow pictures inside. It was a really amazing/shocking/sad museum.

In the entrance of the Air and Space museum! This is the actual plane that the Wright brothers flew the first time.

The capital building. We got to tour it, and it was amazing!! It was so neat to be standing in the same building and on the same floor that so many important people have!

Waiting outside for our capital building tour!

This is the statue the State of Missouri sent to the capital museum....it's a statue of Benton!

The Kentuckians with their statues!

We finished the evening with dinner in China town.

Obviously, we did a lot of stuff and took a TON of pictures!! I'll post more pictures from the other days soon!!

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