Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Pictures!

January: Celebrating Nicole's birthday at the Japaneese Steakhouse!
February: We spent lots of time with our family!

March: We moved to West Virginia!!

April: After 3 weeks living in a hotel, we finally got a rental house!

April: We ventured into Pittsburgh with the Sharps and Bixlers!

June: I went back to Mo for another great year of Camp Rainbow....even if a few campers put a pie in our face!

July: Chris joined me in Mo for the 4th!

August: We explored Wv a little more! This day was supposed to be a day relaxing in Arden, but due to the rain, we could only venture out and take a few pictures!

September: We went to Washington DC for an amazing weekend with the Sharps and Wolfords!

October: Baby Caylea Bixer was born! It's the first baby in our group.....with many more to come in 2010!

November: We headed back to Mo for Thanksgiving.....and some quality time with Lij!

December: We headed back to Mo again for all our Christmas celebrations!!
It's great to see where we've been in 2009. I definately didn't forsee living in Wv, but we couldn't be happier! We've done a lot of traveling and sightseeing this year!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for 2010!!

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