Monday, February 1, 2010

Job Update

Last week was a pretty eventful week concerning Chris' job. There was an error in filing some federal request. Without this request the project can't continue. So at this point the project is on hold until they get it refiled and approved. As a result of this, they laid almost everyone off until further notice. Luckily, Chris was able to keep his job. Unluckily, however, all our friends lost their jobs. Hopefully, the project will be relaunched shortly and everyone will have their jobs back. However, there is no telling when that will be. So in the mean time, some of our friends are staying here and getting jobs, some are moving home, and some are staying here just until they get transferred to a new project.

We are so thankful to still have a job here, but of course, we're sad at the prospect of our friends moving away! Hopefully the project will be relaunched soon and we can put this all behind us!!

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