Monday, May 17, 2010

On The Mend!

This past week could best be described as busy and painful....mostly painful. Most of you know what's going on with me (Jillian), but for those of you out of the Liu Loop (catchy, right??) I'll fill 'ya in! It all started Tuesday while I was watching my friend's precious twin babies! I started having a stabbing pain in my lower left side around 10:30 am. I called my friend and had her pick up the boys because the pain was getting so bad. I then called Ben, a friend, (Chris was working about an hour away) and had him take me to urgent care. Urgent care diagnosed me with a UTI (uuumm....seriously??). I went home and laid down for a couple hours to see if the pain would fade. Chris got home 2 hours later and I informed him we were going the er because the pain was just increasing. By the time we got to the er I couldn't stand upright and couldn't get off the bed! After a few tests they diagnosed me with an ovarian torsion, which is farely rare, and basically means my ovary twisted, cutting off the blood supply, which will cause the ovary to die. There are a couple causes for this, and is probably caused by a cyst that didn't take care of itself and got so large before bursting that it tipped my ovary....weird huh?

So after discussing my options: rush into surgery and remove the ovary; or wait it out and see if the ovary fixes itself. We opted to wait it out. So I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for 2 nights and 3 first hospital stay! Which I hope to never repeat! It was really just a waiting game....a waiting game with lots and lots of morphine!! Which definately makes waiting more bearable!!

I had a follow up ultrasound today and it looks as though full blood flow is back to my ovary...yay! However, my ovary is still rather large, and there is some free flowing fluid in my abdomen. Odds are this is all caused from swelling and all the trauma, but just to make sure it takes care of itself I'll one more ultrasound Friday.

So, overall, I'm doing quite well! I have no pain today!! Which is the first day so far that has been pain free! My doctor seems to think things are heading in the right direction! I would appreciate prayers for the ultrasound Friday to be completely free fluid and a normal sized ovary! Thank you so much for all the prayers!!

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