Sunday, August 21, 2011

Favorite Things: Baby Edition

When I started our registry I was shocked at all the baby gadgets and accessories out there! At the time we were living in a small, 2 bedroom house. So that coupled with the fact that I'm a less is more kind of person; led me to think most of the baby gadgets aren't needed. However, here's my list of must-haves so far:

1. Moby Wrap:

I seriously LOVE this! It took a few times for me to figure out how to tie it tight enough, but once I got it we were sold on it! I used another front pack for a while, but I love how the moby keeps him so close and secure on me. My other favorite thing about it is that you can nurse while he's in it!! Seriously, this is huge! I can now nurse while walking the streets of Pittsburgh (which I have done) without flashing anyone or dropping my baby! Another plus is that he when he's tired he goes right to sleep without the usual bouncing and swaying he requires!

2. Swaddle Me Blankets

I registered for these thinking they were cute, but really not sure how much I'd use them. They turned out to be a lifesaver! Asher sleeps way better when swaddled and since he was born in June, I used these as pajamas. Plus, they are great for holding down his hands while nursing since we both got incredibly frustrated in the beginning when he'd spend half of a feeding being confused and angry while he constantly unlatched and tried to eat his fist!

3. Breast Pump:

I did register for one, but I didn't get one. I didn't buy one either, because while I knew I would need one eventually, I didn't plan on using one for quite some time. However I had a small (HUGE) over producing problem. And it quickly became apparent that I needed this pump to survive! Thankfully my when my mom came out she brought my sister's pump and I'm confident it saved my life-or at least gave me sweet relief. (and a freezer FILLED with milk).
4. Boppy Pillow:

Prior to having kids, I thought this was the dumbest invention ever. Really, are we so lazy we can't hold our babies while nursing? Then I got pregnant and decided it could be useful. Then I had Asher and realized I couldn't live without it! When you spend hours a day feeding your baby, It's awesome to have a free hand!
I know my favorite things will change as Asher gets bigger, but for now, this is it! Also, I apologize that I have managed to relate every one of these things back to nursing somehow! But, hey, when you spend a good amount of your day doing it, you'll love anything that makes it easier. (Thanks to nursing and the down time it causes I've also fell in love with netflix on the wii and Bones-which I may or may not have watched all 5 seasons of since having A!)

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