Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Trip!

It seems like this month has just flown by!! Last week we found out that Chris' grandma passed away so we made an unexpected trip to Missouri for the funeral. Of course, it wasn't the best circumstances, but it was great to see family. We even got to spend some time with some of the cousins that we don't usually see. Plus, our families were pretty excited to see Asher before he turns one! Here's a few pics from our trip.
 Elijah was pretty excited to help Asher with his juice bottle.

 Asher discovered watermelon and is in love....and desperate need of a bath!
 Practicing his walking! He has taken up to 6 steps on his own, but isn't quite confident to walk by himself just yet!
And of course, Asher had to get a quick trim from Aunt Nicole!

Asher and I will be back in Missouri in just a few weeks for Camp and his big 1 year celebration!!

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