Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man On The Move!!

Asher has really been trying to perfect this walking thing! Yesterday he started really trying to do it on his own and today he finally has more control over it. We have 8 days until his first birthday!! I'm sure he'll be everywhere by then!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Trip!

It seems like this month has just flown by!! Last week we found out that Chris' grandma passed away so we made an unexpected trip to Missouri for the funeral. Of course, it wasn't the best circumstances, but it was great to see family. We even got to spend some time with some of the cousins that we don't usually see. Plus, our families were pretty excited to see Asher before he turns one! Here's a few pics from our trip.
 Elijah was pretty excited to help Asher with his juice bottle.

 Asher discovered watermelon and is in love....and desperate need of a bath!
 Practicing his walking! He has taken up to 6 steps on his own, but isn't quite confident to walk by himself just yet!
And of course, Asher had to get a quick trim from Aunt Nicole!

Asher and I will be back in Missouri in just a few weeks for Camp and his big 1 year celebration!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Asher at 11 Months

 Wow....we're nearing my baby boy's 1st birthday!! How is that possible?? He is such a joy to have! Asher is always on the move and so full of personality! Here's a few facts of Asher at 11 months:
-He jabbers constantly and can say da-da pretty regularly when Chris comes home from work
-He isn't sleeping through the night, but he is in his own room now!
-He really loves eating! Some of his favorites are lentils, quinoa, and pears
-He's not walking yet, but getting close and can run while cruising around the couch
-He is much more social now and even lets other people hold him now!
-We just started giving him a tippie of water or breastmilk this week. He's not real sure what to think of it, but likes playing with it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

84 degrees

 The weather here has been amazing!! So we have been soaking up every minute of it! We have spent the last three days at the pool. Asher loves it!! I'm hoping to get him in swim lessons this summer because he really enjoys it.

It supposed to be cooler this week so we're hoping to head up into the mountains. We also have a friend moving out this week so it should be a pretty full and fun week!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


It has finally happened....Asher is sleeping in his crib and has been for about a week. I actually even took down the pack n play. If you don't know me....this is huge. He still wakes up and needs middle of the night feedings, but at least we're one step closer! I do realize he's 10 and a half months, but it always seemed easier to have him close for night feedings. However, he has been waking up at 630 and will gladly play for a while. But when he was in our room he would scream in the direction of our bed until we got up. And Heaven forbid I went to the bathroom before I get him!!! So now, I can listen to him playing and allow myself a little time before actually starting our day.