Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I got home to at about 7:00 tonight. While I miss Erin and fam I'm happy to be home. Chris is such a great husband....He had the house completely clean and lilies on the table waiting for me. He was so sweet to let me stay in co for so long. I know it wasn't easy for him but he didn't complain at all. AANNDD he even went to Wal-Mart by himself and made tuna salad. For those of you who don't know, Chris won't cook for himself. And has even gone days without eating when I'm not home. So this was a big step!

All things said and done....Chris survived without me. And I had so much fun in co! I'll post more pics from co soon!


Jen said...

yeah that is yours and my fault Jillian because we always cooked for him or he ate at the Restaurant. :) LOL I am really impressed Chris, Tuna salad. Wow! Next thing you know you'll be making mac and cheese or toast!!! I think Dalton is the only kid I have that knows how to cook.

the Hansels said...

We miss you too, but glad you're home safely!

Anonymous said...

I use to cook a look at the restaurant. I make amazing eggs, just ask Andres. I'll bet you never knew you could make eggs well done.

Anonymous said...

You could have at least made chicken salad.. tuna is SICK!