Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Powerful Story

I heard a real powerful story on the Christian radio station this morning on my way to work. It was too good not to share. A soldier and his battalion were separated from the rest of their troops as they were traveling to their next rondevous point. All the sudden the clouds began to overtake the clear sunny skies as a storm was starting to brew. The soldiers knew they didn't have much time before the storm erupts. The soldiers had their eyes set on their destination and were determined to keep moving on down the beach despite of darkness. All of the sudden, the storm bursts and rain poured and poured, paralyzing the soldiers from moving forward. A Christian soldier knelt down and began to pray for God to stop the storm. He prayed and prayed, but the storm never let up. The soldiers had no choice but to take shelter under their tents on the beach. The disappointed Christian soldier felt hopeless, confused, and angry at why God did not answer his prayer. When the morning came, the soldiers got up and began to assess the damage of the storm. The soldiers were all in disbelief at their findings, the storm had washed out a layer of sand on the beach revealing all the land mines that laid ahead of them. We are often quick to judge for when God does not grant our prayers. Never loose our faith when God does not grant our prayers, for He has something much greater planned for us all.

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nanny deb said...

Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. It comes at a perfect time in my life. If only we could live every moment trusting in Him.