Thursday, October 9, 2008


If you know me at all, then you know I hate bugs with a passion. At the top of the list are spiders. Even a very small one will send me into a screaming fit until Chris (or someone aside from me) comes in and kills it. Before I headed back to Texas this last time I had bug-bombed the house. I did this after seeing a spider two days in a row. (I don't mess around with bugs in my house!) I've been pleased to not find any bugs in my house since we've been home. However, on the outside of the house is a different story!!
It seems we have a spider infestation on the outside of our house. When we came home I was freaked out to find three spider webs on our front porch with very large spiders in them (even Chris was shocked at the size). We took some hornet and bee killer (it's all I had) and sprayed it down one side of our porch. Aparently that particular web was actually a nest! We killed 4 quite large spiders that came running out! THEN this massive spider came out:

Needless to say I quickly went to the store and bought spider killer which I bathed the outside of my house in. I honestly can't tell you how many massive spiders we've killed!

I really thought all this spider nastiness was behind us, then we decided to do some yardwork today. We started hauling some landscaping bricks from the front yard to the shed in our back. We found a large spider nest in the bricks. Now, these spiders weren't big, but Chris is pretty sure they were black widows. After some internet searching, I think I agree! FANTASTIC, we now had black widows!!! (I say had because I quickly doused that entire area with my handy spider killer). Then we go into the shed and kill another two nests of quite large spiders. Chris also found the mother of all spiders in the back was quite a bit bigger than the one in the picture up above!!!

Needless to say, this has only fueled my intense fear of spiders!! And I'm quite seriously considering bug-bombing the perimeter of my house and possibly the entire neighborhood!!

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the Hansels said...

I think it's time to call the professionals...