Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

I know, I know- I'm a little late! But better late than never! We had a great 4th of July with all our family! We started with lunch at my grandparents, with my family. We ate a great lunch of sandwiches and other picnic-like food, then headed out for some fireworks!!

Lijah and I lighting up some smoke bombs--one of my favorites!!

My cousin Sarah and I. She looks just like I did at that age!

We had to fight and get our mom and grandma involved, but we finally got a group pic of Alli, Tyler, and me!! Tyler was a pain, but if Grandma says so, he has to pose for the pic!

Next, we headed over to Chris' mom's for dinner. Our Uncle Jamie and Aunt Darcy were in town from St. Louis (along with their daughter!). We had a great dinner, then headed out for more fireworks!! Chris and I heading out for some more firwork fun!

Maddie with her sparklers!

Chris and Andres- probably plotting something!

Finally done with the fireworks, so we headed inside for some great desserts!

We had a great time being home, but we are happy to be back in West Virginia! I do realize I've been slacking with the blog--sorry! I will be posting more from our visit home soon!

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