Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Night Out

Tonight a few Camp Rainbow friends came up to St. Joe for the evening. We went to dinner then took in our first Mustangs baseball game. It was great to see some of my camp friends before I have to go back to West Virginia!! Abby and me at the game!

Lauren and Ashley at the game. These girls are amazing!

Sarah and I at the game....also amazing!!
As I was looking at these pics I realized that all of these girls started as counselors in my cabin at Camp Rainbow! It's so great to see them become such great leaders at camp and also become such good friends! I am so blessed to be involved with such a great organization and group of people!
Our friends Derek and Aaron also came, but somehow they evaded the camera! We had a great night that ended with ice cream....really, does it get any better? Oh, and the Mustangs won!

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