Monday, August 10, 2009

Arden, West Virginia

A few people that Chris work with have been talking about Arden, WV. They told us how beautiful it is and how it has this great, shallow river that you can spend all day swimming and fishing in. It has shallow parts that people put lawn chairs in and just relax, then deeper parts that you can jump off rocks into. It sounded great so a group of us headed up there to spend our Sunday.
The only problem was that we hadn't taken into account the fact that it had rained all week. Once we got there, we sadly, discovered that it had become a raging river of death! So, we climbed around, took some pics, and headed out to lunch and home!
We're looking forward to going back another day when we can actually enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

Used to swim there when I was in college (Alderson-Broaddus in Philippi). Be glad you didn't try to swim that day. Likely you wouldn't have survived to share these beautiful pics. Hope you got to return.