Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hollywood Here I Come!!

Okay, well I may not be heading to Hollywood just yet! However, I am the new yellow page girl for the Mountaineer Yellow Pages!! A friend from church owns his own production company, and hired me for two yellow page commercials! We shot the commercials on Monday. It was fun!
We filmed on a green screen and he'll put in the graphics and things later. Here's some pics from the shoot!

Getting ready to shoot!!

Jason getting everything ready!

Of course Ben had to get involved! He was taping down place markers for me!

And of course I had to bring my fans!


Jen said...

LOOKS PRETTY EXCITING, YOU ARE VERY PHOTOGENIC!!!We are very excited for you and if you get a copy of the commercial we would like to see it!


Dalton said...

I want to see it also