Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 Coffees + 1 Monster + 2.5 tanks of gas + 14 hour drive = one awesome suprise!

Chris and I have been talking about taking a quick vacation somewhere while he's got a little break from work. We've also talked about going home for a weekend visit. We were talking about it Wednesday and decided this week is the perfect time for it! So we packed quick and headed off the next day to Missouri! We managed to keep it a complete secret from everyone! We spent all day Friday running around town and popping in on our families at work and home! It was so fun to see their reactions-- tears, shock, and awe! So, we're officially in Missouri and enjoying our family for a week or so!

The girls all packed up and having no idea that they're in for a 14 hour drive!

Chris drove the entire 14 hours! At this point he was still smiling!!
Poor Marathon was so ready to get out of the car! But at least she only got car sick once!

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