Thursday, July 22, 2010

Echo Day 3

Our last full day at Echo was packed full of fun! The day started with a talent show in the morning. There were a lot of great talents, ranging from singing and rapping to beat boxing and guitar playing! This is Julia rapping the Mcdonalds rap!

In the afternoon we had the team compitition, which was an obsticle course. There were some pretty hilarious sections of the relays! But team Nuggets pulled through and won!

Eating half a can of cheese wiz for the food portion of the relays!
That night the rave was Punk Rock Prom--by far my favorite theme! The kids really went all out! Their costumes were awesome!

We had a really awesome time at Echo. I got to meet and get to know some amazing kids. And above all I was privelaged to see God move through these kids in a awesome way! We're already pumped for next year!!

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