Monday, August 9, 2010

Day at the Lake!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so after church we headed for the lake! Chris had been to Stonewall Jackson when I was out of town, but this was my first time. I'm really not a lake fan--I just find them kind of gross! So I had every intention of barely wading out, and spending the day sun bathing. I did plenty of sun bathing! But when they found the perfect spot for some cliff jumping, I couldn't resist!!Ben and I making our way to the cliff.
Nate and Bryce discussing their upcoming jump....Luckily Nate managed to not get hurt during this outing! (that's a big deal for him!)
No big deal--that's just my hubby walking on water!!
I had to observe a little....once I had to make sure it was safe!

I finally went for it!
All the girls hanging out at the bottom of the cliff!

We had a great day, and plan on returning very soon!!

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