Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missouri Odds and Ends

Here is the final purge of Missouri that don't really fit in a post of their own.Our cousin Michael and I at the rehearsal dinner.

I had the privelage of watching Jason and Amanda's son Tre the night before the wedding. Since we live so far away, we haven't had the chance to spend much time with him, so it was awesome to watch him. He was such a sweetheart and so easy to take care of!

Elijah helping haul some of the luggage into the airport. He was so proud that he could carry two suitcases! (We didn't tell him the bigger one was completely empty!!)

Saying good-bye before we boarded our flight! I always hate to leave, but this time was even harder. Since we were there for the wedding, I really didn't get to spend much time with Alli and Eli. Plus, we won't be back in Mo until Christmas.
It was a great trip! We had so much fun and the wedding went great! Now we're busy getting back into our routine in wv of babysitting, volleyball, and church stuff!

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