Thursday, September 9, 2010

DC: Day 2

We managed to squeeze a ton of stuff into our second day in DC. We started the day at the National Zoo. As you probably know by now, Chris and I enjoy seeing different zoos. The DC zoo is special because it's one of only 2 zoos in the country with panda bears.Next, we headed to all the monuments and war memorials. This involved a TON of walking because all the monuments and memorials are way far apart!Greg and I mapping out a plan to see everything.All of us at the Missouri part of the World War II Memorial.The Korean War Memorial...Greg's grandpa and both of my grandpas fought in the Korean war.

The view of the Washingtion Monument from the Lincoln Monument.

The Lincoln Memorial

Finally, the soldiers at the Vietnam Memorial

It was a packed full day! But we managed to get it all in! We ended the day by meeting up with The Halls, who were also in DC, for dinner. We enjoyed dinner at a local Mexican restuarant. All in all, it was a fun filled day!

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