Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day in the Mountains

Yesterday we decided to head out to Seneca to see how much the leaves have changed. So we packed up and spent the day in the mountains with some great friends! We ended up with several unplanned stops, but it was a fun-filled day!
Our first stop was The area known for their sink holes. We stopped by to look at a cave.
We waded in a little. Some of the guys when on in, but their flashlights weren't bright enough to get me into a dark unknown cave!! However, we may re-visit next weekend with all the right gear and actually go explore it!The view from the mouth of the it!
Our next stop was Spruce Nobs. The scenery was gorgeous!! The leave had really started to change beautiful colors!
Ben, our tour guide, telling us that was the highest poin of West Virginia....he's a compulsive liar!
My handsome hubby and I at the true highest point of West Virginia!
After a minor incident when our caravan got seperated with no cell service (seriously, how did we do road trips without cell phones??), we made it to Seneca Rock. We ate at a great little resturant then headed up the trail!
Taking in the view at the top!Chris, me, Chad, and Ben...the only ones of the group that made it clear to the top!After our full day we headed to the Purple Fiddle for a concert and baklava. The Purple Fiddle was a great little hippy coffee shop. I definately plan on visiting this quaint little town again during the daytime! The concert was not the best, however I highly recommend the baklava!


The Cook said...

What a great day!! I can't believe leaves are already changing that much there!

The Bixler's said...

I'm so jealous!!! What beautiful pictures, what a way to bring in Fall! It's still 90's down here...

Anonymous said...

The pictures are Great!!! Looks like a good day. IT is so Beautiful there!