Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chili Fest 2010: West Virginia Edition

Last weekend Chili fest 2010 was held. You may remember that chili fest is one of Chris' family traditions. We started chili fest here last year and it was a huge hit. We had it a little early this year, but everyone was so excited and anxious for it that we went for it! That's just some of the chili...we had 9 pots in all!!
We got all professional this year and even judged the chili and announced a winner. I think Chad is getting bossy here!

The poor judges.....there was so much chili!!

Sarah was pretty excited to get to the eating part!

It was a great night filled with all different types of chili! However in the end, there can be only one winner and the winner this year was Natasha!! Somehow, I forgot to get a picture with her and her award...oops!

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The Bixler's said...

SO much fun! So sad we missed it this year! Looks like everything was wonderful. Sure do miss you guys!