Friday, September 9, 2011

Boston: Day 3

We started out our third day in town at the New England Aquarium. It's not a huge aquarium, but really just perfect sized because it didn't take too long to go through it, but they still had some great animals and exhibits!

Our little family all ready to go!!

Ben, Asher, and I at the aquarium

This would be Myrtle the Turtle and she was adorable! We were lucky and got to see them feed her and a couple of the other, smaller turtles.

After the aquarium we walked around and saw a few of the historical sights. Then, of course, had to stop for cupcakes!

We went to Sweets Cupcakes and I thoroughly enjoyed my lemon raspberry cupcake!

Next, we headed out for whale watching, which I was super excited about!!

This would be shortly before I started to feel slightly queasy and Caycee took Asher for a little bit!

We were really lucky and spotted humpback whales right away!! There were quite a few whales around and they got really close to the boat!
Notice Chris' totally appropriate tshirt....he was pretty excited about this.

This would be a humback's face that surfaced right beside the boat!

We ended the day by eating at The Oyster house which is the oldest restaurant in the area! The upstairs of the building used to be used for printing the local newspaper! We enjoyed some clam chowder and Boston baked beans!
All in all, it was another great day in Boston!

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