Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boston: Day 4

We spent our fourth day in Salem. We were kind of surprised at how cute and residential the town is. It has a cute little shopping area, however not too many stores we were interested in since most were psychic and palm readers! ha!

Love this picture of us ready to head out for the day!

We took the ferry over to Salem. It was about an hour ride, and they gave a few bits of historical facts as went.

Our first stop was the House of Seven Gables. I have to be honest and admit I've never read the book, however, I probably will after seeing the house that inspired it!

Getting ready for our tour of the house! They didn't allow pictures inside the house :(It was a really great tour! There's a lot of it that's still original!

Next, we headed for the Salem Witch Museum. This museum was neat, but much smaller than we expected. However, they did a good job of explaining exactly what happened at the witch trials.

Of course, we had to visit the oldest candy shop in Salem!! We got some delicious fudge and found a cute area that looked out on the water to sit and eat!

Asher slept most of the ferry ride home, but he did wake up at the end and flashed all kinds of smiles!

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