Saturday, November 12, 2011


I've been horrible at updating here!! I really thought when I had a baby I'd post all the time because I'd have so much to say and share! However, instead, I have so much going on that this has really fallen behind! So here are a few updates on our family:
1. We moved again....we went ahead and bought a house this time. If you remember, we moved 2 days before Asher was born. It was great renting that big house, but the landlords weren't honest about the situation, which meant we had to get out asap. Rental property is really hard to come by so we just bought our own place! It's a newer house, but still had all construction white walls so I've been busy decorating and planning (Pics to come).
2. We took a trip home to Missouri! Asher and I spent two weeks there, which was great! My sister got married, and our brothers finally got to meet Asher! So all in all it was a fantastic trip! I'll post pics of that soon too....a month late!
3. Another reason I've been MIA is that Asher had is 4 month growth spurt--which was kind of rough. Then last week we survived (barely) his first cold! It wasn't even a bad cold, but the poor guy was miserable!

Well, those are the biggest updates, I think! I promise to post pics soon...Asher turned 5 months this week!

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