Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Big Man

Our big man has been quite busy this week. I was talking to a friend and telling her that Asher doesn't really crawl yet-just army crawls. I proceed to tell her how I really don't think he's going to truly 'crawl' because he gets around so fast the way he's doing it. I then walk into the kitchen and my guy follows me, crawling around the island!! Guess he proved me wrong!! He's still a little shaky, but he's getting it! He will also get pretty mad at times when trying to crawl if he's wearing pants so as you can see in the video, I oblige and take them off from time to time!

Then, as if crawling wasn't enough, he pulled up to standing last night on a box we had sitting out! He's been trying to pull up on things for a couple weeks now, but it usually ends with him mad since he can't quite get it. He didn't manage to hold himself up there very long, but he was so proud of himself!

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