Friday, April 13, 2012

Asher at 10 months

I know I say it a lot, but I really can not believe he is 10 months already!! This was a pretty huge month for him. He had a ton of milestones! His personality is so fun and big. He's so happy and giggly. He loves to say 'what are you doing?' to which he responds by crawling away as fast as he possibly can! We spent the last month in Missouri hanging with the fam. He is doing great now  with letting other people hold him. Here's a few other facts on Asher:
-He now has 2 teeth on the bottom
-He cruises around everything and is working on standing unassisted
-He slept through the night 3 times while we were in Missouri!! (followed by a week of barely sleeping)
-He adores his cousin Elijah and loves to wrestle with him all over the floor
-He had his first haircut and has not been called a girl since!
-He now takes his blanky out of bed after naps and snuggles it for a while

 And finally, here's our 10 month pics. They are getting increasingly harder to take, as you can tell by the last couple.

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