Thursday, April 5, 2012

THE Haircut

That's right! We. Cut. His. Hair. Chris decided it was time. Since we're in missouri and his sister is a beautician, and Asher looks like a girl; he had a point. We were supposed to cut it Monday, but I came up with a great excuse to cancel! However, today, I was told that I'm out of excuses!
Here's our before from the front

 and the back...which really captures the long, wavy beautiful-ness that is his hair.

Aunt Nicole all ready to get started!!

 My feelings exactly....

He actually did really well. The tears only came at the end when he was just done and wanted to be elsewhere. I didn't manage to get a great after picture of his new dew on my camera. I'll try to post one from my phone soon. He looks so handsome, but so much like a toddler!! (hence, the reason I was avoiding it!!)

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