Thursday, June 7, 2012

Asher's Birthday: Round 1

Well, it happened-my baby turned 1 today!! It doesn't seem possible that I am the mom of a toddler now! I think he had a great day, filled with fun! Allison and Elijah are here to celebrate. Asher thinks Elijah is the funniest person ever, so our days have been pretty entertaining. Here's some pics of his big day:
Birthday boy first thing in the morning!

 Checking out his rocking monkey from mom and dad!

 Cupcakes for his big party
 Oh, and yes, he is a walking maniac now!! He does 6-10 steps easily now!!

 He loved the cup cake part of the party!! He really loved the fact that we all stood around him watching and waiting while he chowed down--he's a bit of a ham!

We had a great time celebrating with our friends and family here!! We're looking forward to another celebration next month with all the rest of our friends and family at home!!

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