Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Asher at 14 Months

Our little guy really isn't so little any more!! He's so full of personality and so sweet! He's on the go all day long! He literally runs the majority of the day and rarely slows down. Here's a few facts about our favorite monkey:
-He has had 2 teeth break in this week bringing his total to 4. And he has 2 more on the way, so he's finally making some progress there!
-He LOVES to eat! I think we're in a growing spell because he eats most of the day.
-He signs 'more', which he uses for food and 'I want'. He also uses it for 'help' because he hasn't completely figured out that sign yet!
-He spends a few hours every day with his monkey ears on (see pic below); which he goes and finds to put on!
-He laughs when there's a group of adults laughing. He gets a cheesy look and laughs along, as if he know exactly what's going on.
-He has finally figured out how to drink from a tippie cup! Thanks to my friend Kim suggested the Nuk tippie.
-He still doesn't sleep through the night, but we're getting close! He only gets up once in the night now, which is progress!
-He says mom, Dad, dog (which he uses for any animal), and blankie

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