Thursday, August 2, 2012

Denver Aquarium

Chris got off work early this past Friday so we made an impromptu trip to the Denver Aquarium. I had been there about 4 years ago, but this was Chris and Asher's first trip!

 They have mermaids now!! Which I found to be awesome and not creepy at all!!

 He really loved the big fish tanks. When one big fist swam by he pointed and said "Do!" which is dog...and apparently any animal about his size.

Asher even got to pet his first sting ray! It kind of scared him, but at least we got one to come over to him!

We had a great little afternoon outing! It's a great aquarium and fun because it isn't a trip that takes all day!

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Leslie said...

I can't get over how precious he is!!! What an adorable kid he'll be! I'm glad you had fun at the aquarium. I love going to them even now!