Sunday, October 7, 2012

Can You Give $1?

So I have this friend. Her name is Erin and she's amazing. We met about 7 years ago at the gym we worked at. Very rarely, it's totally and completely apparent that God sends someone directly into your life as an instant and life long friend. This was one of those times. We became fast and close friends. We both got married within a few months of each other- mine a 300+ amazing wedding...hers an elopement in Colorado equally amazing. I've been blessed since meeting her to be present at each of her 3 children's births. Since Asher made his appearance early, she was there waiting the day I got home from the hospital. She moved to Colorado in 2006 and we started moving from state to state in 2008. We've often dreamed and wished we lived near each other again. In March God moved us to Denver......40 minutes away from Erin. Have I mentioned how good God is to us?? It's been so amazing to be near her and watch our kids play together. I can't explain how happy it makes my heart.

Now, this post isn't just to tell you what an awesome friend I've been blessed with. Erin and her husband have decided to add to their family, this time through adoption. As a Christian, and someone who has adopted and multi-racial siblings; I fully and completely believe adoption is something very close to God's heart. The Hansels have felt led to adopt from Africa and will be trying to do it debt-free. Please, please, check out their story on their blog here. Read their story, and if you 'feel led, please donate $1 or whatever you can to their paypal account: Let's show this family some love and get them that much closer to bringing home their baby!

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