Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 In Pictures

I love doing this post every year. It's so fun to look back on our year and see all we've done and everywhere we've been!

This was a pretty chill month, but our little man started being more and more mobile! Funny, we thought he was hard to keep up with then!


 It was finally warm enough for Asher and I to start putting our BOB to good use!

 We moved out of West Virginia and spent the month in Missouri with our family. Asher and Elijah became fast and inseparable friends!

 We (as in, Chris) decided it was time to cut off Asher's long locks.

 Then we celebrated Easter with our handsome big man!

 We explored some of the great parks around our new home state of Colorado!

 Our little guy turned 1! I still can't believe it's gone by so fast!

 We celebrated the 4th of July in Missouri.

 And spent lots of time at the sprinkler park nearby.

 This was another quiet month, but Asher started his 'cheese' face and we couldn't get enough!

 We went back to Missouri for Asher's first ring bearer gig. He may not have walked down the aisle alone, but he looked pretty darn handsome!

 I checked off a bucket list item and ran my first half!

Asher dressed as a tiger and went trick or treating at the zoo.

 Once again, we headed to Missouri for Thanksgiving with the family. And we made the big announcement that Asher would be a big brother in July!

We ended the year with lots of family time and Christmas celebrations.

2012 saw us moving across the country, our little man became a toddler, and we decided to grow our family by one more!! It was a fantastic year! We're eagerly embracing and looking forward to 2013 and all it has to bring!

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