Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing up!

I'm heading back to Missouri in 3 days! I started packing today, since I'm going to be there for 3 weeks I want to make sure I get everything I need. Luckily, I'm driving so I don't have to worry about getting everything I need into 3 suitcases (and if you know me then you know that's nearly impossible even if I'm going away overnight!!).

I've travelled enough lately that Emma gets nervous when she sees me breaking out my suitcases! So I think she decided today that if she jumped on top and refused to move then I couldn't pack and therefore I wouldn't leave her behind. Little does she know that she's going with me! All 500+ miles in the car!! Wish me luck!!
Oh, and yes that suitcase is completely full of shoes....and nothing else! And 90% of those shoes are flip flops....It's probably safe to say I have a problem!

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