Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hello Everyone!!
Just wanted to share a little about my day. I got up this morning and got ready for work. It started out a pretty good morning. Work was pretty busy but at least I got off at noon. I locked up the office and was chatting outside with a couple of guys I work with about getting my car fixed. I told them I was pretty excited about taking my car in on Monday for the repair. Then I got into my car and started to pull out of my parking spot and all of a sudden a car whips out in front of me in search of a parking spot. She sees a truck pulling out of a parking spot and decides to wait for it to leave. For some reason the truck backed up at a weird angle and the lady in the car decided he needed extra room. She puts her car in reverse and starts backing up. I figured she was just going to back up a little but for some reason she backed up a lot. Then all the sudden everything was in slow motion. I was watching this lady backing up her car right into mine. She scraped her rear bumper and a portion of the side of her car against my front bumper. I can't believe I got hit again! My car has been hit 3 times since I have been here in Texas.

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Jen said...

atleast you didn't get hurt. I told you Missouri is safer. Haha!!