Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Full Day as a Liu

Yesterday was Marathon's 1st full day with us. She actually slept great, and only cried right when we put her to bed, but slept the whole night. Potty training started getting better tonight. She doesn't have the hang of it, but we're learning her signals. Emma is doing a little better today. We took the girls to the park and Emma let Marathon ride in my lap which is a big improvement!! I even took Marathon running yesterday....kind of....she only lasted about 8 minutes. Oh well, It's a start. We went for a long walk yesterday and wore Emma and Marathon out. They both passed out when we came home!
Heading home from the park!
Marathon passed out after our long walk.


Dalton said...


but anyways check this out, i only read the first sentence, but i thought it was funny.


Jen said...

hahaha I read it too Dalton, that is weird. But Mara is very cute, I am glad the girls are getting alomg!!!!