Thursday, April 2, 2009

Farewell Parties!

Last weekend we made sure we spent some time with both our families. We had lunch with at my mom's on Saturday. I know we took more pictures than this one, but apparently those were all with Alli and mom's camera!

Lij riding in our car to our Sunday, after church, lunch.

We always eat dinner at Jennifer's on Sundays, so of course we went there last Sunday. We had a great dinner, then we heaed out for Dairy Queen for a farewell dessert!Nicole was pretty excited about DQ

She's going to miss me....guess she needs to come visit!! Well, once we have a home anyway....

Dalt and Maddie....she was waiting all day to grab a snack .

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Anonymous said...

shouldnt the farewell parties be before you make the trip? just a thought.