Monday, April 27, 2009

Tips, anyone?!

I've decided to take advantage of our awesome yard, and start a garden! I've been good with flowers in the past, but I've never tried to grow anything edible! There's already a bricked off part of our yard I can use once I clean it all out. I've decided to start with watermelon and cantalope. We consume a large amount of fruit, so I figured it'd be smart money-wise too!
Since I've never done this, are there any of you out there that have? Do you have any tips for me?!
Marathon likes to help me dig up the garden area....we'll see if she stops digging once I've planted it!
Those of you in Missouri, don't be jealous, but we've had 4 days of 80-90 degree weather, and we're loving it!! We love spending time out in our yard, and walking down to the local parks!


Jen said...

that is awesome about the weather!!! I am jealous although it has been nice here too, except alot of rain..but I like rain!!!

If I come see you all I want some canalope.

Anonymous said...

you know melons dont produce fruit until fall