Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strange Turn of Events

As you all know, in September we got this cute little puppy, Marathon. She looked so sweet and innocent, right?
Well, as much as we loved her, she made things pretty stressful. She was so wild, and couldn't help but attack Emma all day, every day. We hadn't had Emma around other dogs, and it showed. She had no need for Marathon, and generally hated her. Poor Marathon wanted to play, and play hard. She didn't understand her size, and hurt little Emma if we didn't watch them every minute. For our own sanity, it got to the point of us keeping them in seperate rooms all the time. We discussed giving Marathon away, or to a family/friend that could take care of her until she was older and calmer.
As a last effort, we put Marathon through obediance training. We went to Cindy at Green Hills Animal Hospital. It was amazing to see the difference in Marathon. She wanted so much to please us and she learned quickly. The training helped so that she could finally run with me. Once she started running with me we finally saw a decrease in her energy level! We could slowly see a change between her and Emma. We still kept them seperate a lot, but finally, they could be together some.
Since we moved here, however, they are together all the time! I think the cramped space in the hotel was actually good for us. It made all of us deal with the problem instead of just keeping them seperate. FINALLY, they are sisters, and they actually enjoy being together! They still play wild, but Emma likes to play now, and Marathon has learned her size and doesn't play as rough. It's so great to finally have two dogs just like I thought it would be when we got her! It only took 9 months, but it was totally worth it!!!

This was them this morning....sleeping like this! It's cold this morning and there's a heat vent right there, so they're cuddling for warmth!


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe how small Marathon was.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Chris with the girls.

Bob Hansel said...

I love it.

Jen said...

Soon Marathon will be bigger than Chris!!! LOL