Friday, May 8, 2009

We're Cooking Now!

We finally got a grill last night! We got it home, and Chris started putting it together.....then we see on the box it says 'ask about free assembly!' Oops....with all the pieces lying about, that would have been a lot easier!!

We were both surprised at how many pieces it came in!

Now it's looking more like a grill!

Yay! He did it! Seeing as how it took him the entire evening to put it together, we didn't grill out last night. However we're looking forward to having some friends over tomorrow night for a cook-out!


Anonymous said...

Chris.. are you wearing black on black? What the heck!


Jen said...

wow I was going to say that it was light out when he started and way dark when he got done!!! good job chris!!!!