Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Pictures!

This is always a blog I enjoy doing! It's so fun to look over the past years worth of pictures!

This about sums up Janary....We had record amounts of snow and our house really doesn't stay that warm! So we spent a lot of time watching movies and snuggling up with the dogs!!

February: The Messenger boys arrived!! These are the twins I now watch once a week. I forget how tiny they were!!
March: Allison and Elijah came for a visit! It was great having them here and we fit lots of shopping, eating and museums in!
April: We took an unplanned visit to Missouri and totally suprised our families for Easter!
May: They glorious sun started shining again and we quickly started up Volleyball!

June: Camp Rainbow 2010!!

July: I got to visit Erin in Colorado as she welcomed Baby Faye into the world!

August: We went back to Missouri for our cousin Jason's wedding!

September: Nicole and Greg came for a visit and we all headed to Dc!

October: We discovered we were pregnant!! Then we managed to keep it from our families for an entire month! (yes, the picture is sideways, but I can't get it to turn!)

November: We headed back to Missouri with our big news! And Allison hosted Thanksgiving, when Tyler serenaded us!

December: We got to see our beautiful baby for the first time!! Even though we don't know the sex, it was so wonderful to see it!

We've definately had a wonderful, full year!! We're so excited to see what this year brings! Happy New Year from The Lius!!

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