Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day Catch up!

Our Christmas Day was Chalk full--which means I have a lot of pictures! We loved spending the time with all our families. Unfortunately, I had one heck of a cold! Combine that with being pregnant and not being able to take anything made me pretty tired!

Our day started bright and early at Chris' parents house; where we opened presents before they had to go to work. Here's a few pics of the fun!

Chris' mom collects salt and pepper shakers so we couldn't resist getting her a cute panda set from the DC zoo!
Dalton got me the same movie my brother got me the day before. Luckily Dalton hadn't wrapped any of his presents until the night before so he graciously included the reciept! haha!
Next we headed to my Grandma's for lunch and presents.Tyler serenading Eric with his piano skills.
After my Grandmas we headed back to Chris' parents for dinner and presents with the extended family on that side!
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is singing Christmas carols as a family while Nanny plays her guitar!
Chris' mom, Andres, and the Grinch! haha!
We had a great time with all our family! It was great to spend time with everyone!

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