Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Liu Nursery

I've had the nursery set up for a little while, but I haven't been good at taking pictures! So here's the nursery so far! All the major stuff is done; we just need some wall decorations now.

This is the view from the doorway

Here's a close up of the bumpers

And a close up of the quilt

Here's the's pretty bare right now. However, I'm going to get matching green letters to spell his name on the wall. Well, that is when we decide on a name!

Here's the changing station

I plan on spending a lot of time in this corner. We're having a monkey painting done for this blank wall, but it's not done just yet.

And the diaper stacker!

I absolutely love the bedding and curtains! My mom custom made it all for us! I'm so blessed to have a mom that can make anything I can dream up! I'll post updated pictures once the walls aren't so bare!

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