Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday marks 38 weeks! That seems unbelievable that our baby boy will be here so soon! Some friends of ours gave us a gift certificate for a resort that's just 40 minutes from us. so we decided to have a little babymoon this weekend and get away.

One view of our room- They even accepted pets so Emma got to come along!

We ate at their restaurant that overlooked the entire resort. It was a gorgeous view! Here we are just outside the restaurant before heading back to the room.

Chris relaxing in the room....Emma is hidden away in the covers as usual.

Sitting beside the lake enjoying a delicious breakfast.

We had a great time, just walking the resort and relaxing!

The resort really was amazing! There's so much to do that we couldn't take advantage of given how far along I am! We're definitely planning on going back at some point soon when we can spend all day out on the lake and running along all the trails!

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