Thursday, March 8, 2012


We started solids yesterday for Asher's 9 month birthday. I went back and forth on what to give him first, but I had an over-ripe banana so that's what he got! Ha! He wasn't the biggest fan, and really only ate 3 bites! It was still fun to start this new adventure! Here's a few pictures and a video of his first bite!
 He was much more interested in the spoon than the bananas.

Check out that banana belly!! I love it!

And on a total side note....I've been meaning to post about that awesome wall you see behind Asher. We did an accent wall in our dining room and I'm so in love with it!! (Yes, all that work and we're moving!) I found the idea for painted wallpaper on pinterest (where else?!) here. I did a little research and put Chris to work! We did the same color, but the pattern is glossy. It's hard to capture in a picture just how great it looks!!

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